Management of TDO

Tirra Development Organization has access for all skilled and experienced professionals who have capacityand competent to involve all the desired activities that promotes the Goal andObjectives of the Institution. The professional staff of Management whom periodically review their activities toappraise and provide them Human resource development trainings on the job trainingsand technical assistance to undertake systematically their duties and responsibilities.TDO has also technical consultants for better Designing, and Planning etc.

Following is the hierarchy of the Management of TDO

General Body

TDO has a General body consist of 20 members (10 female and 10 male). General body membership is voluntary and open for all residents of Punjab. A detail format has been designed to obtain membership with all conditions. The general body members meet once in a year.

Executive Body

Executive body consists of five members including President, Vice President, General Secretary, Finance Secretary and Press Secretary. The Executive Body is elected for the period of three years by the general body. The executive body selects the Executive Director for the organization who is responsible for the overall management of the organization and programs. They meet on quarterly basis.

Staff Strength

Projects Male FemaleTotal
TDO Staff 4 5 9
Volunteers 40 10 50
Total 44 15 59