• To promote income generating activities and create vocational skills for theyoungsters, women to become self-sufficient and reduce the level ofpoverty living.

  • To improve the rights of women focusing on the issues such as, early marriage, exchange marriage, inheritance property rights, and other forms of discriminations against girlsand women.

  • To promote understanding better relationship among the communities andattitude change for working together for peace and development in the societyand creating good atmosphere of stability in marginalized and deprived areas of Southern Punjab includingenvironmental protection and wildlife.

  • To encourage the community for sustainable development and mobilization/ awareness on HIV/Aids.

  • To promote a human rights culture and peace in society by working towardsawareness raising, mobilization, on attitude change and empowerment of themarginalized community, IDPs, women, children, CBOs, and involved Local NGOsand the government law enforcement institutions/agencies in order to protectthe rights all persons (especial focus on women and child rights).

  • To document the ongoing violations of human rights in the country and submitto the concerned agencies in order to bring the criminals and perpetrators onjustice whenever possible.

  • To work for sustainable and pro-people development at grass root level.

  • To base on local culture and traditional art institute (Recourse Centre) which isa focal point for the community initiatives in the fields of peace promotion andintegration of community development project.